Start up Business Loans for Women In US


It is very often seen that the female small business owners suffer a lot to prospering their business as they can not find a good financial support. A special loan package for the women business vendors can be very handy to sort them out of this financial problem so that they can make their business a good one. Quite a few loan programs have been started for ensuring that. Some specially structured financial organizations have emerged and they offer loan guarantees to the women who are looking forward to get their business off the ground.

SBA Guaranteed Loans

The U.S Small Business Administration is such an organization which can help lot about getting any kind of loans. They do not give people loans directly from their hand, but certainly they can show people the right ways of getting their expected financial support or loan. The special loans for women can also be found with the help of SBA. Regarding this issue, SBA has a specialized office which is known as the Office of Women’s Business Ownership.

If you want to get a loan which is guaranteed by the SBA, you will have to apply for the loan to a bank which has the proper agreement with SBA regarding loan programs. Then the lender will start to gather information which is regarded to your business and you. They will examine whether you are capable of completing their terms and conditions.

The conditions given by SBA have to be agreed by you. The common conditions are about your financial statement in a periodic submission and about the life insurance.

Small Business Investment Company 

The Small Business Investment Company is also known as SBIC which is also SBA sponsored. The venture capital agreements are provided by SBIC for the business which is likely to be started up. The number of licensed SBICs is around 400 and all of those are SBA licensed. As SBA does not directly invest in small businesses, the investment is done by SBIC.

The businesses which are at a particular development stage are mainly concentrated by SBIC. They also focus mainly in distinct areas. The capital provided by SBIC can be a loan relationship, an equity investment or both.

As a business starter, you can certainly get help from SBICs as these are the organizations which are experienced enough to make your business getting off the ground with proper financial support. Debt investment as well as equity capital is provided by them.

Specific demographic groups like business owned by women are provided lending assistance by SBIC. In SBA, you can find the whole list of SBICs.

State Programs

 The women are helped to start business by the loan programs which are provided by several states. The rate of interest in these loans are more affordable then the others. Besides, the requirements for being applicable for getting these loans are not very tough. If you contact with your state about loans, then you will be given the instructions alongside the required papers.

Micro Loans

The small lending planning which is provided by some financial organizations is known as micro loans. The loan amount of the micro loans are generally up to 50000 USD. One of the most common essential things of these loans is the limited options of start-up capital for women owned business. Private foundations, government agencies, banking institutions mainly lend these micro loans. Another great thing about this loan is the repay process is also quite easy and affordable.


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