Top 5 Countries with Working Holiday Visas


Top 5 Countries with Working Holiday Visas

Well, nowadays many contemporary people long for adventures and traveling, as soon as they leave school. This idea sounds really cool, however, where should they take money for staying in hotels, eating, renting car etc? We have a perfect solution for you. What about working holiday visa? – Have you already heard about its existence?

This kind of document allows the American citizens to arrive to the definite countries and to work there quite legally for 6-12 months. The only things you have to do are to choose the destination, to take your passport and not to forget about the insurance. Of course, the initial sum of money is necessary, but as a rule the fund amount depends on the corner of the planet you are travelling to.

Here is the list of the most requested countries for travelling with working visa. But you are free to add some new destinations as well.


It is of common knowledge that this country is a home of every green. And it is considered to be an absolute champion for travelling with working holiday visa. The citizens of the USA, who are older than 18 years old, can stay and work there for about a year.

However, there are some restrictions as well. The applicant has to be enrolled full-time in the post-high school or graduate it during the past 12 months. The benefits are that you may apply personally or by an email through the nearest Embassy or consulate. You will be asked to prove your academic status and €3,000. If you have already had a return ticket €1,500 will be quite enough. The visa itself costs €250.


Singapore is a destination, which is famous because of its very clean streets and rather strict laws. This country is able to provide the place of work for everybody, including the international young travelers. In order to participate in the local Visa program, you have to correspond with the same rules as in the case with Ireland. However, the applicant shouldn’t be elder than 25 years old and he/she must be among the top 200 for general academic performance. The usual payment for holiday pass is $150 USD.


Usually people think about Australia as about the place inhabited with kangaroos, crocodiles, reptiles and numerous poisonous snakes. In fact, this is true. But the destination is able to propose you something more interesting as well. It is going to be a fantastic corner of the planet to visit with year Working Holiday Visa.

In order to succeed you have to be not elder than 30 years old. The sum of the sufficient funds is $5,000 USA and the visa costs $420 USD.

Under these conditions you are free to complete the application form online. That is why there is no need to go to consulate or embassy to do it.

New Zealand

Similar to the countries mentioned by us above, this one allows you to stay in the state for about 15 months. It sounds perfectly well, doesn’t it? You will need to meet the same requirements as well as in the case with Australia. And the process of application is the same other. The visa will cost even cheaper, $165 USD and the minimum sum that should be on your account is $4,200 USD.

Oh, by the way you shouldn’t forget the important detail. If you are going to stay in New Zealand for 15 months, you have to work there not less than three months. And you should do it in horticultural or agricultural sectors.

South Korea

Frankly speaking, it is a real challenge to work and to live in South Korea. This country is blooming. This destination develops constantly and you have to do everything quickly to be in trend. Such brands as Hyundai, LG and Samsung are also here. So if you adore speed and hate slow flowing, choose South Korea for obtaining Working Holiday Visa.

Of course, you have to be not less than 18 years old. They apply post secondary students as well as former graduated people. You can stay in the country up to 18 months, but the list of spheres is really limited. For example, you can’t work in the area of journalism, medicine or law. Are you going to look for the post of a foreign language instructor? – Well, choose another country then. You won’t succeed in South Korea.

Under these conditions, you will need to prove your student status. The return ticket has to be demonstrated as well. The documents are applied to the Embassy, but be prepared for the interview.

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