22 Fairy Tale European Cities


All in all it is of common knowledge that Europe is able to propose the modern tourists a great assortment of various holiday destinations. Almost every European city is full of miracle, fairy tales and mystery.

Up to the present moment these tours are chosen actively by American citizens, who seem to be sick and tired of massive urbanization, constant bustle and unbelievable speeds. Centuries-old charm as well as unforgettable aesthetics is in trend. Escaping from noisy metropolitans people long to return to their sweet childhood with comfortable atmosphere and relaxing emotions. In such a way most of them want to restore the strength and to restart the feelings.

Today we are going to introduce you the list of the most beautiful cities for your next holiday destination. We are sure that you will fall in love with these amazing cityscapes, sophisticated architecture and friendly energy.

22 Fairy Tale European Cities

Riga, Latvia

The capital of the small northern country is arranged just on the coast of the Baltic sea at the very mouth of the river with a complicated name Daugava. The most part of the buildings in its historical part is made of wood. The constructions belong to Art Nouveau architectural style and are characterized by tall Gothic spires. The central area is free of any transport, and you should mind this fact in the case you hate walking. The visit to Riga will impress you all the year round, however, if you want to be astonished, go there on Christmas time, when it is looking just like a miniature wonderland in winter lights.

Barcelona, Spain

The capital city of Catalonia looks like an exclusive playground for tired adults. As a rule, this place attracts those contemporary men and women, who appreciate fine architecture, noisy nightlife and beach parties all the year round. Gothic constructions as well as typical Gaud landmarks are stunning. The choices of your leisure activities are endless. In addition we can’t but mention that Barcelona is a real paradise for shopping and delicious national cuisine lovers.

Copenhagen, Denmark

This place will definitely inspire you and sometimes it doesn’t really matter where you are going to stay: in the city center or somewhere in the suburb. Numerous museum tours, calm walking along the canal, city parks, amazing souvenir shops and the atmosphere of constant holiday are guaranteed. And we have a piece of advice for you: if you want to explore the town better, rent a bike and you won’t spend much time and money on public transport.

Florence, Italy

This city is considered to be a universal holiday destination. Every tourist is able to find something special for himself/herself. The assortment is huge indeed: spectacular art treasures, stunning architecture, delicious food, interesting shopping and amazing sightseeing places. Florence is the birthplace of the popular Renaissance movement and this fact simultaneously means that you are going to see a bit of everything. And, please, don’t forget to try the dishes of the local cuisine. Pizzas, pasta and gelato leave unforgettable impressions.

London, England

As a rule, the most part of contemporary people go to the capital city of UK, because they want to admire its beautiful sights of the past. But it is nothing but a cruel mistake to spend most of the time wanders round the downtown. Every part of the town has something special in fact. The net of public transport is rather convenient, so you are free to discover much.

Porto, Portugal

The northern part of the country is appreciated much because of its lush greenery and scenic countryside, colored in bright and saturated hints. Porto is believed to be the largest city of this region. It is well-known for its picturesque road sides, nice looking shops, cozy cafes, friendly people and peaceful general atmosphere. Numerous tourists come here for a glass of good wine before dinner and tasty fruits all around the year.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Are you fond of seacoasts, beach holidays and relaxed vacations? – If your answer is positive, it means that this town will be a perfect holiday destination for you. In addition you will get a chance to explore the ancient ruins and to sip a glass of tasty cocktail in a picturesque place near the cliffs.

Nuremberg, Germany

The calm walking along the streets of this town resembles the wandering through the pages of the fairy tale. Every street has a wide range of architectural masterpieces, which are full of historical mysteries from the period of Roman Empire ruling. Some people go there to find out more about the participants of the famous Nuremburg process.

Helinski, Finland

This place is traditional and contemporary at the same time. It is full of real lovers of the high class cuisine and real fans of contemporary art. If you like architectural constructions, it is worth to visit this place. The local hall is always full of visitors, as it is able to provide the world famous artists for people. Do you like to walk in your free time? – You will like the bays then.

Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

Český Krumlov is in the list of the most iconic and ancient places of contemporary Europe. Most part of modern travelers prefers to visit the capital city of the state, however, they don’t know about this jewelry, which is just a day long trip away. Its streets are so beautiful and scenic that they resemble the pictures of the fairy tale book. Don’t forget your camera, as you are going to have the best pictures ever.

Paris, France

This holiday destination has something special for every visitor. There are people, who go there to watch the sophisticated buildings, others – for nightlife. Some men and women adore Parisian nightlife and try the delicacies (cheese, bread, wine) of the local cuisine in the exclusive cafes and bistros.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini Island is a delightful landscape of a volcano and stunning mountains. It is full of snow-white houses, standing on the rocks, ancient monuments of the oldest Cycladic civilization and beaches with black sand of volcanic origin. All these things attract visitors from the various corner of the planet. Undoubtedly, the journey to this island will remain forever in your memory.

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn grew at the intersection of trade routes and has absorbed many cultures. The capital of Estonia can’t be called a big one, but even the most demanding travelers will be satisfied. It seems that you can find everything you want here: you can plunge into the Estonian XVIII century, try the famous sweets or get acquainted with modern art.

Venice, Italy

It is commonly thought that when you happen to be in this romantic town, you have to do three important things: ride a sophisticated gondola, buy an amazing carnival mask and take a picture on the background of Venetian channels. But once you get to this city, you understand: it’s a different world, a parallel universe that can’t be limited to pop-must-see list.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Today, Edinburgh is an ordinary and relatively calm European capital. Life goes on as usual. The crowds of tourists are on the Royal Mile, owners of pubs wipe glasses and bar counters, seagulls steal sacks of garbage. But before the eyes there is a gloomy mass of Castle Hill or a narrow street with painted walls, or a tombstone with a grinning skull, and then you realize that not everything is so simple and understandable. Are you fond of mystery? – Well, this destination is ideal for you.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a city that inspires to create. Quiet, sun-filled landscapes, red roofs, white and blue facades of ancient cathedrals, snow-white houses and ships passing under a red bridge on the river Tagus. This river city smells of salt, pine needles, fish, spices, coffee and fresh pastries. The settlement is arranged on seven hills, in which it is easy to get lost and find your own. In Lisbon, as in any other trip, it is important to try your personal experience, to discover new things, cuisine, emotions and feelings.

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is considered the most picturesque city in Belgium. Channels, like the strings of pearls, flow through the town. It is difficult to make a bad photo when you are surrounded by charming cobblestone pavements, brick arches, stone churches and graceful bridges. Swans on the water surface, carriages on lawns, parks with daffodils fill the place with magic.

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

This is a famous capital city of the state with the same name. Initially the settlement was built on a high rock, and currently this location gives the town a unique charm. Throughout the planet, it is known for its different sorts of EU institutions and a wide banking network. Up to the present moment, 1/3 of the population is immigrants from other countries, which explains the special intra-national atmosphere that prevails here. This is manifested also in a large and diverse choice in the gastronomic sphere. Wandering round the center you will meet many restaurants, which can propose you a lot of tasty dishes.

Lyon, France

Lyon is not as well known holiday destination and it really deserves this status. The architectural ensemble is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List, which is represented by the ancient theaters and Gothic churches, Renaissance apartment buildings and imposing bourgeois houses, workers’ quarters and the bold creations of modern architects.

The landscape brings its own charm. Its historical center is located at the confluence of two rivers and on two high steep hills. Lyon is extraordinarily picturesque. It gives a lot of subjects to artists and photographers. From its embankments and pedestrian bridges, from street-staircases and viewing platforms, all new views on the tiers of roofs and river are opened.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a beautiful city with a heroic history, luxurious architecture and extravagant nightlife. You can find whatever you want here. People appreciate numerous museums, exhibitions and park, but most part of them just love wandering along the streets, admiring architecture, trying local delicacies, playing chess and relaxing in thermal pools.

Kyiv, Ukraine

Being in the very heart of Eastern Europe, this capital city is considered to be the cradle of Slavic towns. It is glorious and ancient. The location is quite successful: on seven hills set along the great Dnipo river. Today, it is the capital of the independent Ukraine. For many visitors it will be interesting to get acquainted with many sights of this ancient and always growing old city.

Salzburg, Austria

It’s actually much more than just the native town of Mozart and festivals. The most important sights will acquaint you with its rich history, where there have been a lot of amazing and delightful episodes. Don t forget about the fortress of Hohensalzburg, famous Mozart’s museums, sophisticated Getreidegasse street and mysterious Helbrunn palace. They are considered to be the most popular places here.

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