10 Insanely Smart Ways To Save Money on Food


10 Insanely Smart Ways To Save Money on Food

When we think about the most significant expenses of our family budget, sooner or later we conclude that the most of our money is spent on food. Why does it happen? Are the products so expensive? Is it possible to save without any sacrifices from our side?  Let’s discover the grocery bill together and find the most favorable decision.

Here is the list of the pieces of advice from people, who have managed to succeed.

Don’t Eat Out

This statement is not as innocent as it may seem at first sight. Of course, there is nothing bad about having dinner in a restaurant or cozy café, for example, on Friday evening or Saturday night. Many people do this, and they don’t spend much, as the average meal costs not more than $20- $40. However, if you are eating somewhere out three times a day and regularly, your wastes will be impressive. Just count, and you will see.

Shop products and prepare your meals at home. By the way, this habit will make you not only more prosperous, but healthier as well, as the home dishes usually contain fewer fats and other harmful substances.

Compile a so-called Food Budget

Of course, cooking at home is the proper decision for people, who are going to save some money. However, even under these conditions, it is recommended to shop carefully. You see, contemporary shops are organized in a way to make us buy a lot of unnecessary things. There is a real temptation to take such sweets, chewing gums or biscuits on the checkpoint, isn’t it? And it is tough to avoid purchasing one more kilogram of fruit and vegetable when there is a sale in your favorite supermarket. The best solution is to set a money limit, which will prevent you from over-buy.

And one more way to save money is to leave your card at home. You see, by the specialists’ points of view, people are more careful and attentive, when they are paying in cash. And, please, remember, all the things “just for $1” are not for you! To tell you the truth, they may cost even less in the next supermarket, and this is nothing but a marketing action.

Plan Your Meals in Advance

If you are planning your family budget, you have to prepare your meals as well. For this purpose, it is recommended to compile a particular list, containing only necessary products. You should do it in advance and never visit a supermarket without this sheet of paper. Think carefully about what you want to cook, define the ingredients and buy nothing odd.

Use the Special Coupons

In the modern world, there are a lot of people, who find it stupid to take the scissors and cut the coupons from the latest newspapers and magazines. However, it works for those, who are going to plan the family budget. – By the way, nowadays in most cases, you don’t need any scissors, and the only thing it is recommended to do is to download a particular app to your mobile.

Discover the New Brands for You

Modern men and women usually give their preference to various world-famous brands, believing that all the products produced by them are better and the package is more reliable. Unfortunately, there is nothing but this in practice. It is a real surprise, but something there is no difference between brand and generic products and the only thing we pay for much more is a colorful and designed package. Is it worth our money?

Choose the Best Grocery Store

Everybody knows that different supermarkets have quite various prices for their production. And sometimes the differences in price politics are significant. The more fashionable the place is, the higher prices it proposes. Compare the costs in the trade center, arranged in the city center with a moll, placed outside the town, and you will notice a difference. The same situation can be seen even in the shops, situated nearby. Mind the tendency: some places can propose cheaper meat, others – drinks at the more comfortable prices.

Try to stock up

There are particular kinds of products we regularly consume, for example, pasta, sugar, salt, cereals, etc.  And being packaged, they won’t spoil for months. That is why it is recommended to stock them up in the case you see lower prices at sales. As a rule, it is very convenient; however, you should be careful in order not to overload your shelves at home.

Be Vegan or Vegetarian

There is a popular point of view that this status will help you to save some money. To tell you the truth, this rule doesn’t work regularly. Of course, meat and milk products are considered to be the most expensive ones, but in the countries with a severe climate, the prices for fruit and vegetables can be even higher, especially in winter.

Buy the so-called Seasonal Products

Each season has its fruit and vegetable assortment, which is much affordable than the others. For example, in summer tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and carrots are cheaper than in winter, but the most affordable prices for oranges, tangerines, and pineapples are usually at the Christmas period. Mind this tendency, when you are going shopping next time. And by the way, have you already admitted then during the cold seasons the frozen products are cheaper than the fresh ones?

Never Go Shopping Being Hungry

The specialists recommend never going shopping when you are hungry. You see, when you start wandering around the grocery on your empty stomach, you will put a considerable amount of unnecessary (and usually unhealthy) products into your basket, as the brain wants to satiate hunger as soon as it is possible. Have a substantial meal or even a light snack, and you won’t overspend.

All in all, grocery shopping is a rather pleasant thing we do every day. However, if we are going to save, we should do it following the simple rules, mentioned above.

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