Stock Markets Risks – How To Effectively Manage Them?


When you invest in the stock market then you may have to suffer an unavoidable risk because the potential for losses always remains there due to the occurrence of local and the international changes. In a share market it is not necessary that a person will take a rational decision always. It often happens that when the situations get changed the people take irrational decisions in hurry. Any type of risk that has ability to affect the working of the stock market is known as systematic risk and the unsystematic risks are present too that belong to individual stock and investing territory. It is hard to diminish the systematic and unsystematic risks from the market but with the help of an investor consensus it can be decided that how these risk factors could be managed.

Long term investing:

Investment risks are generally classified into 2 types. One type is known as alpha and the other is known as beta. Beta risks are those that generally prevail in the whole market whereas the alpha risks are those that are found in having the share of a particular company. It is quite easy to know about the working of a share market by doing the survey with bear and bull markets. It has been reported by the S&P 500 index that the stock has gained 75% of the time and the negative returns have been only once in four years. If you invest in a stock market with the optimistic future in mind then you will certainly gain something. You should believe that your long term investment will definitely produce the return over a period of time.

Risk management:

Risk management helps in avoiding the risks actually. Definitely every investor wants to have better year with his long term investment instead of the bad years. So you can review the performance of share in your portfolio and you can judge that which company’s shares are the most profitable for you. So you can change the odds and you can avoid the risk factor. This management is actually known as the risk management.


If you have a diverse portfolio, it means that you have the fusion of bonds and securities then you can diminish the unsystematic risk to great extent. It is helpful to invest in securities of diverse sector because if the securities of a certain sector face downturn then your remaining investment will be safe.

Cost Averaging:

Cost averaging is a strategy that encourages an investor to buy the securities when the market condition is not good and the prices of securities are low. From an investor’s point of view it is good as it will reduce the aggregate investment.

Less risky stock:

Certain securities are known as the safer securities because these securities belong to those companies that perform well continuously. It is a strategy in which you are required to have the securities and stocks of the best capitalized companies in your portfolio to avoid the risk. Such companies often pay the regular dividend too.


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