The Best Method to raise a poor Credit Score:


A credit score is a determined using five basic parameters of a person namely credit of a person, his or her credit consumption, duration of his or her credit history, delayed payment record, that is how many payments he has delayed, and finally the different credit types. Poor Credit score jeopardizes ones well being by posing the risk at a number of fronts including the danger of higher than ordinary interest rates and even the inability to acquire loans.

Easy ways to improve credit score:

Following are few very easy steps to keep your credit score in check and to raise it once again from downfall:

1. Contact your credit card owners as soon as possible and extract all the essential details related to your credit card. Question them about your credit card limit and also note down the credit card balance. Once you get to know this, it is better to try not to exceed the card limit otherwise this will plunge your credit score further deep. In addition, also inquire about the dates the bureau links to the company and extracts the record of its members. Keep these dates in mind and try to clear all the overdue payments before it approaches.

2. Do not let your credit card go into imbalance. Try not to exceed the limits and keep yourself far away from the maximum card limit, in fact it is better to keep within 20% of the credit card limit. As soon as you purchase an item, make sure that you pay the charges to your bank, at least at every cost before the bureau checks in, otherwise the imbalance on the credit card will increase, your credit score will drop and with it your reliability in the eyes of banks and multinational companies will see downfall.

3. After you start maintaining a credit balance properly and get rid of over dues, check in once again with your company and get a copy of your credit report. You will notice that your credit score will have been rising suddenly. You can also order a copy of your credit report any time you want to. Once you get it, look through it carefully paying special attention to the negative section. Analyze your shortcomings and clear them as soon as possible. Also, check if everything listed on the report matches your actual record completely. If you find any discrepancies, dispatch a note immediately to the printed address on the report with your social security number and complete address.

4. Try not to open too many new accounts as it will cause your credit score to drop as well. This is because approximately 10% of your credit score is determined by the new accounts and so if you have claimed new credit over last 6 months, your score will fall. However, after 6 months if you keep a close eye on your spending and payments, the score will definitely rise again.


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