Reputable Sources for Buying Gold Coins


Many people like having gold as an investment. Others buy gold as it provides them a hedge against inflation. It’s not unusual for investors to invest in gold coins. Whatever be their reasons, the issue for them is from where to buy gold coins.

Fortunately, buyers have quite a few options when it comes to where to buy gold coins from. Here’s a list of some of the online vendors of gold coins.


Headquartered in California’s Santa Monica and established in 1960, Goldline has been recommended by hosts of a couple of traditional talk show of the reputation of Glenn Beck, Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham.

While recommending buying gold coins, the website gives the example of 1933, when gold in possession of American citizens was confiscated in an attempt to bring about stability to the distressed US dollar. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt ordered citizens to deposit their gold coins into a Federal Reserve Bank, else risk detention and a heavy fine. The only type of coins, which got exemption were those documented to have exceptional value for collectors of unusual and rare coins. Under circumstances when a lot of people become uncertain of dollar losing its stability, fearing abolition of gold, this company sells rare gold coins of collectors’ interest like the ones which were earlier excused from confiscation by the government.


New Orleans based Blanchard, set up in 1975, takes pride in reporting that they have already served above 400,000 clients. It likes to classify gold among physical assets.   Owners can hold this asset in their palms and that is not feasible in case of stocks. The company’s website lists the American Eagle coin as an option for investment, highlighting that the coin is minted in US, from gold derived from American mines.

Swiss America

Here is another source telling you where to buy gold coins from. This Phoenix based organization instituted in 1981 maintains that it never left any grievance unsettled with any of its buyers. The company was talked about by The American’s Red Cross’ video, named “Preparing Wisely.” Other foremost publications wherein Swiss America has been mentioned include The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and The New York Times. Their representatives have appeared as guests on economic programs of different TV channels like CNN, Fox News, Bloomberg and ABC.


Website of Home Shopping Network, sells silver and gold coins. Its website tells us that expert members of its staff purchase valuable coins from different sources all over the world. The company sells coins in a box and provides certificate of their authenticity along with their origin and conditions of purchasing the same.

So, those were sources answering where to buy gold coins from!” If ever you doubt the authenticity of any online source selling gold coins, don’t hesitate to approach the Better Business Bureau to know more about the seller.


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