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With the advent of the Internet people are finding many ways telling them “how to make money.” There are numerous ways for making money online, most of them requiring little to no investment but they all necessarily need hard work and a lot of time. Manufacturers and companies conduct surveys to collect data and information from normal consumers like you and I. The feedback helps them to improve their products and services. If you tried this mode of making money but didn’t find it worthwhile for whatever reasons, here are some more options telling you “how to make money.”

Shopping for others and getting paid!

It may sound unbelievable but it is true that you can make money by buying products for manufacturers and companies without spending your money. You world agree getting feedback about its products is essential for any successful business. That’s why many companies to employ ‘secret shoppers’ to know the effectiveness of the ways adopted by them for marketing of their products. The company pays you for visiting their stores or dealers to know the level of services provided, cleanliness maintained and an overall feel of the place. Professionals from marketing are generally preferred and earnings vary from $5-$25/job. You may search the net to find local companies offering such jobs.


Professionals like lawyers often hire services of others for conversion of audio tapes to texts. For example, audio interviews with their clients, including those in jail, and court hearings recorded on tapes need to be converted to texts for legal uses. Hospitals require medical transcriptionist to transform the scrambled notes of doctors to neatly written texts. The Bureau of Labor Statistics points out those with a certificate from a trade school get preferred as   transcriptionists and their average wage is $15.41/ hour

Home businesses:

People gifted with creativity can usefully employ their talent for doing business from home. Some of the popular options are candle and chocolate making. One could offer baked goods and other homemade goodies, writing articles as a freelancer or working as a proofreader/editor. Many people are already making money through affiliate marketing that doesn’t require you to produce your own products and make any personal financial investment. Your other options could include yard maintenance, minor home repairs, providing day care services for kids and the elderly, sports coaching, photography and financial advice etc.  Developing such businesses may take longer, needing permission and licenses from concerned authorities, but you get the freedom of choosing your own convenient hours of working and are solely responsible for the results.

Day Trading

Here is another option for making money that won’t require substantial monitory contribution and allows you to take your decisions independently from wherever you may chose to work. However, it needs astute understanding of finance and the way markets function. Perhaps that is the reason for most day traders to give it up sooner than expected. It helps specializing in particular niches like airlines, agriculture, engineering and pharmaceuticals.

These are but some of the ways telling you “how to make money.” Whichever way you may choose, be prepared to put in hard work, time and remain consistent for being successful.


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