Where Do I Get a Small Business Loan?


Because the lending scene is far from being nice, owners of small business ventures like you deserve to know the proper answers to “Where do I get a small business loan?”.

A lot of money is necessary for strengthening your company. However, you cannot expect to get so much money without undergoing a lot of harsh hardships. You may be desperate for cash, but you must not fall prey to opportunists and loan sharks who will make your unwanted state much more miserable. According to Velda Eugenias of Eugenias Advisory Group, banking institutions have become much stricter with regards to their handling of money borrowers. Given the undesirable facts, you have to be properly educated on where do I get a small business loan.

Banking Institutions

You can acquire conventional bank loans that involve friendly repayment schemes and interest rates. However, you must expect that you will have a hellish experience when processing such loans. Because of the enforced stringent guidelines, many business owners find it almost impossible to acquire traditional bank loans. According to Rick Kahler of Kahler Financial Group, acquirement of bank loans risks your assets specifically those that act as your collateral.

Keep in mind that different banks usually require different sets of requirements. If you have been transacting with a certain bank for a long time, you can try acquiring your loan from that bank. The banker may even assist you in acquiring the funding for your business venture.

Government Agencies

Similar to conventional bank loans, government loans are hard to obtain and you also have to undergo an extremely challenging and frustratingly lengthy process. There have already been many instances when the loan applicants bailed prior to the approval of their government loans. However, if you will successfully obtain a loan coming from a government agency, you may find it a bit convenient to repay the government loan because of its generous interest rate and favorable repayment scheme. If you are interested in government loans, you just have to consult the country’s Small Business Administration.

Loved Ones and Friends

Your relatives and closest friends sincerely and strongly wish the success of your business. If they are rich enough, they can become your answer to where do I get a small business loan. As a form of gratitude, you can offer the source of your funding with an interest rate that is greater than the rate typically involved in bank loans.

Although you are dealing with very close people, you must make the process as systematic and as formal as possible. You have to prepare a promissory note or legal contract regarding the money you are about to borrow. You have to specify the conditions for repaying your loan. You just need to be very careful with this option; if you fail to repay your loan, you may end up compromising your relationship with the lender for an eternity.

Home Equity

You can use your own residence to quickly acquire the funding for your business endeavors. However, there have already been numerous homeowners who underwent serious issues because of this option. According to Kahler, you may completely lose your home and be obliged to personally repay a huge part of the borrowed amount if things will not turn out as anticipated.


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