Ways to get a small business loan without having money


Whether you are starting or owning your own business, there are many reasons when you need a business loan. Typically business loans need collateral that is an important thing which will secure your loan repayment. Sometimes this money is in securities or cash form. But even though you are completely running out of money then there are many ways through which one can get a business loan.


One can apply for these loans with the local bank. In case you have no money then you can present your business like a collateral to get a small finance/loan. The chances are, in case you have accounts receivable or you own assets in your business, then the bank will ready to provide you that money which you need. You also have a choice to use some other assets like your own home as a security.

Look for a person who will co-sign an agreement for you. It may be a friend or a family member who is financially stable to help you by co-signing loan agreement with you. It is very important to draw a solid plan of a business while applying for a business loan. The main purpose of doing this is the lender will know, you are authentic and serious about taking the loan and starting a business.

You can also get help of a personal loan by asking to any financially stable friend or a family member. Here again, you have to show them the business plan to make them sure that you will pay their loan back.

Also have a look over those companies who lend you a loan for your small business like small business administration. U.S the role of such agencies is to help the businessman to start their businesses by providing them helpful information about financial assistance, grants and loan.

One can also apply for an advance of a credit card. In situation you have no money, you own one credit card, then you will be suitable for advance cash. But remember one thing that advance cash has always high fee as compared to other business loan so, it is ideal to borrow only that amount which one can pay back with high rate of interest.

Another ideal option is to get a payday advance. For getting such type of loans you don’t need to have cash but such loans have their own requirements like you must have to get a regular paycheck or you must have another type of income that you get every month. Such kind of loans does not need any kind of collateral or credit checks. These loans are available both online and  locally. One can apply for almost $1500 amount in these loans from any place.

Payday loan finance fees are so high, it should be used only as a last remedy to meet the financial business need. Most of the people get themselves in a deep debt because of the high fees of such loans. So, must have a look over all the information before applying.


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