How to Apply for A Federal Student Loan


Majority of students rely on getting one or the other educational loan for joining college and completing education there. Apart from numerous private lenders providing student loans, the Federal also offers financial help to students by way of student loans. Contrary to expectations of most, obtaining Federal student loan is not as cumbersome as is generally believed to be. Perhaps, that is because most don’t try finding out how to apply for a Federal student loan. The process is very simple, needing one to two hours of visiting website of Federal Student on the Internet, filling up the prescribed FAFSA application and taking out a print of the required information to finally submit their application. Here, you’ll know precisely how to apply for a Federal student loan.

Before you start filling the form, keep the following documents handy:

  • Latest copy of income tax return
  • Social security number
  • Number of your driving license
  • Bank statements and/or documents pertaining to any investments

Next, you go to FAFSA website on your computer. The website, running into many pages, will question you on a number of questions on household, personal and financial matters. Read those questions carefully and answer the same truthfully.

On visiting the FAFSA website for the first time, you’ll be driven to ask for a Personal Identification Code, PIN. Obtain that number and keep it at a safe place, for you’ll necessarily need it for accessing your FAFSA account during the course of your studies at college.

Carefully note down the deadlines. In fact, before you apply for financial assistance through FAFSA, you should go the “DEADLINE” tab to be certain that you have enough time for completing your paperwork. You’ll find that this tab provides information for each state as deadlines for financial assistance are different for different states.

If you committed a mistake or provided wrong information while filing your FAFSA application, you would have to be patient and wait till your application gets processed, allowing you to make the required corrections.

Well, that’s about all you need to know about how to apply for a Federal student loan.


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