Job Interview Preparation Guide: 30 Successful Interview Tips


Job Interview Preparation Guide: 30 Successful Interview Tips

As a rule, the preparation for the interview takes a lot of time. The people should elaborate a great amount of important questions, and the answers will influence the future position or post of the person.

Today we prepare the list of the most typical questions and some recommendations for your successful interview.

Job Interview Preparation Guide: 30 Successful Interview Tips

Get Acquainted With Potential Audience

  1. Discover the activities of the company in details. The first imprecision will be perfect if you show the absolute knowledge of this organization production or its service classification. The sources may be quite different. They depend on your personal preferences. – First of all, you may ask your friends, relatives or acquaintances. Sometimes it will be quite useful to read the current news in the Internet resources or other mass media. As a rule, the respectful companies have their own websites and the information about their activity sphere is popular, so it won’t be difficult. Remember, the more directions you discover, the more changes to enter this organization you get.
  2. The reviews from the employees (both previous and current) will do their best. So don’t forget to find them in the internet. You may use Facebook, Twitter or other kinds of blogs. Sometimes it is even possible to connect with all these people and ask them requesting questions. It sounds great, doesn’t it? In such a simple way you may have required recommendations.
  3. Mind that there are many various types of interviews, that is why you have to be ready for case (typical or leadership) questions as well as brain teasers. Of course, you may ask recruiter or HP manager about the way you are going to be asked, and under these conditions you will get an additional change to prepare for it in advance. However, mind that the style of the interview performing can be changed in the process, so prepare for various variants in order not to be worried or disappointed.
  4. Even for experienced interviewees it is recommended to think carefully and beforehand about the strong features of character, skills and working experience. And, please, be sure to choose those, which will be favorable to this position. Pay attention to your weak sides and tell the interviewer what you have already done to overcome them in order to succeed in future.
  5. Of course, contemporary internet resources contain a long list of typical interview questions. You can discover them, but don’t forget to add something from your own side, as most probably your potential interviewer will elaborate them carefully as well. You see sometimes people get into curious situations, because the interviewer asks the predictable questions and gets the predictable replies. It seems to be really funny, doesn’t it?
  6. Numbers, increases, quotas and percentages are rather beneficial in any case. So you them if it is possible. By the way, you may enumerate your responsibilities in the current place of work. Usually it will be your substantial plus. However, try not to be verbose, as you may look like a boring, selfish and uninteresting person.
  7. Be ready the interviewer will ask you about the place you see for yourself in this company, so think about it in advance. Every person has his/her strong sides, so the only thing you have to do is to underline them. Mind that you don’t need more than five of them, otherwise you will seem to be a boasting person.

Job Interview Preparation Guide: 30 Successful Interview Tips

The Typical Interview Questions

  1. Some specialists recommend not only think about the replies but to practice them before the mirror. This method is especially favorable for nervous and uncertain people. It will help you to relax and to get prepared for the interview.
  2. Try to be unique and prepare smart answers to the questions. The interviewer should feel that you are really interested in the position, prepared for the working and will be useful for the company.

What About Small but Important Details?

  1. The typical mistake of some contemporary people that they don’t pay attention to their interview outfit. Certainly in the contemporary society the look may seem not so important as it was just some years ago, but still we recommend you to find out in advance how the company workers dress in the office. Sometimes even jeans are admissible. However, there are situations when they will look quite offensive. In the case you don’t have a luxurious suit or dress at home, just wear something clean and modest and this will be quite enough.
  2. Details are important too. That is why the shoes have to be clean and your manicure should be fresh and elegant. Remember don’t put on bright makeup as it may look offensive. Men should shave their face thoroughly. You see, in accordance with some specialists’ points of view, elegant appearance demonstrates positive features and confidence.
  3. Attentive interviewees usually have five copies of their resume, even if they have sent one to the potential employer through e-mail. What for? – You see you never know what person you are going to meet there. Some people manage to go through other interviews going on one.
  4. Reference list is really very important. However, don’t forget that it should include some necessary parts such as, for example, your personal name, as well the data of your former employer. The interviewer would probably like to know the title if the organization, as well as the division (or department) you have belonged to. The telephone numbers (ordinary and mobile) and e-mail address are required, of course. The reference letter has to contain brief explanation of the relationship.
  5. The documents have to be arranged inside the personal purse or small briefcase. The item should be large enough to contain everyday essentials, some copies of resume and a notepad. Some people also prefer to take a stain stick, an umbrella in a rainy weather and a small box of breath mints. However, we want to warn you about something. – Clean your bag before the interview. You see it shouldn’t have candy wrappers, various chargers for your mobile, old receipts from the shop. Otherwise, you will look much unorganized. All the things you need should be accessible as quickly as it is possible.

Don’t Worry and Be Happy!

  1. Some contemporary men and women spend much time rehearsing the answers to the questions. However, it is not so important. Spend your time for reflecting the episodes of your career in chronological order. It is especially important if you have had similar posts with more or less the same duties. Under the condition you are going to have a technical job interview, it is recommended to start your preparation process in advance.
  2. You should have some so-called go-to phrases. As a rule, they help to avoid the silent pauses when you will need some additional time for thinking about the questions before answering them. This strategy as well as the slow and thoughtful repeating the question usually works.
  3. If you are really going to enter this company you should mind the body language. The posture and the stance of the interviewee are important not less than the answers to the potential questions. For example, the psychologists are sure that crossed arms or legs will show your closed-off nature or may be even offensive sometimes. The movements have to be thoroughly elaborated.
  4. Certainly we understand that you have to memorize a lot of important details. Sometimes it seems to be quite impossible. However, it is only at the first sight. Why not to prepare the list of some notes? – It would be rather helpful. Compile the list of essential things, type it and print. You may take it to you job interview, of course, but mind that it has to be created carefully and neatly.
  5. Are you going to impress your potential employer? Well, here is a small tip for you. – Sleep well before the job interview. We know that it may sound a bit crazy or even impossible for some people, but try to do it. Of course, it sounds like the recommendation from your mom, but it really always works. The good sleep will make you less nervous and much more confident in what you are talking about.
  6. Try to feel relaxed. You see you are going to have a job interview. It is a very important step in your life. However, take it as an amazing game and interesting experience. The planet won’t stop turning round the sun in the case you don’t get it, so enjoy as much as you can. And here is a small piece advice for you: calm, easy-going and pleasant people get the position more often, than nervous, stubborn and gloomy.

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