Synonym > Xanthoxylon violaceum Wall. Fagara oxyphylla (Edgew.) Engl.

Family > Rutaceae.

Habitat > The Himalayas from Garhwal to Bhutan at 1,8002,700 m, and in Khasi Hills at 1,2001,800 m.

Folk > Mezenga (Assam); Timur, Bhansi (Nepal).

Action > Bark—stimulant, stomachic, sudorific; used in colic; also administered in fevers. Fruits— prescribed for dyspepsia, also for asthma, bronchitis, rheumatism and toothache.

Alkaloids, xanthoxyphyllin and corydine and a lactone 3,5-bis furan 2- one have been isolated from the roots. Stem bark gave zanoxyline and rhetsi- nine. Dried branches with bark gave lignans (sesamin, eudesmin and epi- eudesmin), fluoroquinolone alkaloid gamma-fagarine, triterpenoid lupeol, beta-sitosterol and syringaresinol.

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