Tea for Yeast Infection


Yeast Infection is a vaginal infection usually caused by a fungus called Candida.

This infection is characterized by itching, sores, pain during intercourse and/or urination and the production of a white substance. You can get this infection by using an unsanitary toilet or by catching a cold.

Also, you may want to avoid restaurant bathrooms that look suspicious. Even if many women go to their doctor as soon as they have a feeling that they might have Yeast Infection, you can also use a Tea for Yeast Infection and treat your problems at home.

Alternative medicine advices against traditional medicine in this case since Yeast Infection is not a serious health problem. Ingesting pills when you could have taken a tea only damages your liver.

If you’re going with alternative or traditional medicine, is your choice. However, make sure you have all the facts right before choosing a treatment that could cost you your health.

How Tea for Yeast Infection Works

These teas eliminate your infection thanks to their nutritive action, which implies feeding the organism in order to produce more antibodies and direct them to the affected areas.

A tea for Yeast Infection’s main goal is to make your body produce the nutrients and the enzymes necessary for a rapid healing. They are also used as great remedy for a number of other diseases, so you can restore your general health with just a cup of tea!

Efficient Tea for Yeast Infection

When trying a Tea for Yeast Infection, you need to make sure that you’re picking the right one: that tea has to be safe, to have a pleasant taste and very few side effects. Also, keep in mind that a Tea for Yeast Infection needs to have a large variety of nutrients and active constituents in order to fight all bacteria and microbes. If you don’t know which those teas are, here’s a list to help you out:

– Cranberry Tea – rich in vitamin C, this Tea for Yeast Infection is a great remedy in cases of anemia, asthenia, low blood pressure and loss of appetite. It’s also safe and you can drink as much as you want (not more than 6 cups per day, however, in order to avoid stomach complications such as diarrhea)

Gentian Tea – known as one of the oldest antifungal and antibiotics. Gentian Tea is a very efficient Tea for Yeast Infection. Not only that, but it’s also used as a great sleep helper, thanks to its antiseptic and sedative properties. However, make sure you don’t drink more than 2 cups per day in order to avoid other deviations such as hallucinations, anxiety or excessive blood rush.

Green Tea – not only that this Tea for Yeast Infection can treat your Candida problems, but it’s also being used as a great remedy for other affections, such as stress, anxiety or ovarian cysts. However, Green Tea may have all the necessary ingredients in order to sustain life, but don’t take it if you’re suffering from menstrual or menopausal pains.

Tea for Yeast Infection Side Effects

It’s true that there are many teas that could help you with your female reproductive system problems. However, teas like Tansy Tea are not recommended due to their elevated level of risk. It’s best to talk to an herbalist or to your doctor before starting any kind of herbal treatment in order to gather more information and find out which Tea for Yeast Infection fits you best.

Don’t take any of these teas if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, on blood thinners, anti-coagulants or preparing for a major surgery. These teas could interfere with your anesthetic and lead to death. When taken properly, these teas are safe.

However, high dosage may cause miscarriage, vomiting, nausea and even death. Ask your doctor’s advice before making any move.

If you have his approval and there’s nothing that could interfere with your treatment, choose a Tea for Yeast Infection and enjoy its wonderful benefits!

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