Pregnancy Calendar – Week 5 of Your Pregnancy


“Pregnancy calendar” at week 5: Your baby’s brain is developing. You may feel fears about pregnancy and birth during this period. These emotional fluctuations are normal, do not worry at all!

Baby for 5 weeks gestation

Your baby, between 1 and 2.5 mm, is a small orange seed.

Installation ready

The placenta and the umbilical cord that begins to form have begun to work to transfer the necessary nutrients from your body to the body of the baby. Oxygen, amino acids, fats and sugars all play a critical role in a healthy development.

Some basics

Some of Baby’s cells turn into a nerve pathway that will form the backbone and brain. An incorrectly formed nerve pathway can lead to a complication called “discrete spine”, a condition in which the spinal cord is not completely closed. Your best weapon against spinal cord birth defects is to take at least 400 micrograms of folic acid every day.

Heart start

The heart is now a single tube with a few irregular shots. With each passing week these shots will become more regular.

Your 5th week pregnancy

Emotional ocean

You may be very happy because you are pregnant, worried about everything being normal, fearful about birth, or not being sure of yourself as a mothers of mothers. Do not worry about it! All of these feelings are completely normal. By weekly calculation of pregnancy and birth calculation, keep your head busy dreaming about the birth of your baby.

Careful maintenance

At this stage of the pregnancy period, menstrual cramps and back pain are common. Take a break by taking a warm bath, listening to soothing music or taking a nap. Watch your food and if you have not done so, stop smoking, drinking alcohol or taking medication. All of this is harmful to your baby.

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