Baker ex Brandis.

Synonym > M. extensa Benth. ex Baker.

Family > Fabaceae.

Habitat > Sub-Himalayan tract and outer Himalaya up to 1,200 m from Kashmir to Bhutan and in Assam and Central and Southern India.

Folk > Godaar (Bihar).

Action > Root—vermifuge, pestici- dal, kills lice and ticks.

The roots, leaves and stems gave iso- flavones (including iso-auriculatin, au- ricularin) and a rotenoid, sumatrol.

Millettia racemosa Benth.

Family > Fabaceae. Habitat > Deccan Peninsula. Folk > Godaar (Bihar). Action > Insecticidal.

The debarked stem contains isofla- vans, isomillinol, besides behenic acid, beta-amyrin and beta-sitosterol. The isoflavans showed bactericidal and in- secticidal activity. The antibacterial activity was observed against Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli.

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