R. Br.

Family > Apocynaceae.

Habitat > Peninsular India.

Folk > Pazh-munipala (Tamil), Addasarpa (Kannada), Palamunpala (Malyalam).

Action > Stembark and fruit— antiepileptic.

The plant is a rich source of indole alkaloids. Major alkaloids in the stem- bark are alstovenine, venenatine, 3- dehydroalstovenine, reserpine (0.0030.3%), venoxidine and kopsinine.

Alstovenine, in lower doses, exhibits monoamine oxidase inhibitor activity; in higher doses, shows marked central stimulant effect (reversal of reserpine effects). Venenatine exhibits reserpine- like profile of activity (sedation, ptosis, reduction in motor activity).

The fruit contains vincadifformine type of alkaloids. Echitovenidine, the major alkaloid, shows monoamine oxidase-inhibitory activity both in vitro and in vivo.

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