Top 10 Best Countries in the World to Live, to Raise Children & Start a Family in for 2018


All around the planet all contemporary parents look for the best life conditions for their children. And certainly, it is not a great surprise, when the new married couples move to another country in order to give their children the best social and health care as well as the great level of education. However, in practice not only the potential immigrants want to know about the child friendly destinations. Here is a list of the states, which are considered to be the best ones for bringing the children up and starting the family in general. Is it yours among them? – Let’s check!

Top 10 Best Countries in the World to Live, to Raise Children & Start a Family in for 2018


Norway takes a significant place in the list of the destinations with the greatest amount of kid-friendly areas. The country gets the 9th position in the rating, comprised by OECD. This place was given taking into account the general development of local children in reading, science and mathematics. The numerous day-care centers help the small Norwegians to form an active life position.


In the Netherlands the working or studying parents of children less than 12 years old always obtain the so-called childcare allowance. The European Child Safety Alliance Steering Committee represents the reliable and system work, intended for the small locals’ safety at homes, educational institutions and outside. The development of the comprehension is also welcomed.


If you are living, working or studying in Ireland and have a child, who is under 18 years old, you may apply for the child benefit option. However, you will be eligible only under the conditions your kid is enrolled in full-time education. There is a special Child Safety Program, which was established in order to prevent any unintentional injuries to small locals.


It is of common knowledge that this country is in the list of the states with the best educational systems on the planet. Nowadays it has obtained the noble 6th position. However, this is not everything. – In accordance with the special survey, conducted by Mercers, Swiss Zurich has taken the second place as to the safety level.


In accordance with Better Life Index, established by OECD, this country has received 9.8 points out of 10 available in the sphere of life satisfaction. The same mark has been given for the level of general safety. Here we can’t but mention that in Iceland 78% adults (25-64 y.o) have a completed upper school education.


Up to the present moment this country has been appreciated much for its schooling. OECD has given it the firm 3rd place for the scores, received for math, reading and science. Canada provides a wide range of programs aimed to childcare and child safety in various manifestations. The local authorities do everything possible to ensure safe living for their small citizens.


The educational level of Finnish schoolchildren has been known quite well far beyond the borders of the country. The state has obtained the 2nd position in the rating, given for science, math and reading by OECD. In accordance with the local legislation, every boy and girl under the age of 7 years old has the particular right to child care.


At the first sight it is difficult to believe, but this European state has the lowest level of crime on the planet. The international organization called Save The children (abbreviated STC) has given the country the honorable second place in the amount of the most favorable corners for bringing up the kids.


Sweden is recognized world leader in the sphere of school education. The mentioned above STC has given the country the 5th position in the category of the best destinations of kids’ living. The level of crime here is very low and the acts of violence happen very seldom.


The last position in the rating of the best countries for bringing the kids up is given to Japan. For the school system organization the state has had the high positions in accordance with STC investigation. Nowadays, the contemporary development level of math, reading and science in Japan has been mark as the 5th one by OECD. Up to the present moment Japan can demonstrate the lowest crime rate on the planet, which was even decreased more in 2017.

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