How to Travel Alone: Expert Tips for Planning a Solo Trip


How to Travel Alone: Expert Tips for Planning a Solo Trip

In general, one of the most typical reasons why people go somewhere alone is the lack of a suitable company. Unable to find a traveling partner, many contemporary guys and ladies are determined to the solo adventures. Initially it sounds a bit sad, but in fact the trip of this kind has many significant advantages, as under these conditions, you do not need to coordinate with anybody your budget, choice of route, day schedule and even a diet.

Travelling alone, you are always free to meet your own expectations in all the directions. You may choose a complicated way if you are full of energy today or just relax somewhere in the shadowy park when you are tired or even exhausted.

Do you like the spontaneous behavior? – Well, if yes, this sort of leisure activity is just for you. – Talk to locals if you like, discover new itineraries through the town lanes, visit the evening classes, try something new etc. All in all it is up to you to decide how to fill your free time.

And today we are going to help you to organize the best trip of this season. Here is the list of must-does for the future solo adventures.

Choose a date and a destination for your trip

Of course, before planning something substantial you have to decide what part of the planet or your own country you want to discover. Such parameters as duties at office, available time off, the required budget, your personal experience and interests in general should be taken into account. At the same don’t forget to evaluate your physical abilities reasonably. You see, if you have always been a city dweller, perhaps, you shouldn’t hurry to climb the mountains or go into the wild alone without any skills.

Nowadays there are a lot of specialized internet resources, which can help you to look through the maps of your chosen destination, to find out the cheapest prices for transport and to get the discounts for some excursions. In some cases you may even set the filter “sea resorts”, “best parties”, “scenic country sides” etc.

Mind the local climate

How to Travel Alone: Expert Tips for Planning a Solo Trip

Going abroad or to quite different part of your own country, you should pay attention to the peculiar features of the local weather conditions. For example, if you are going to hike the mountains don’t forget about convenient walking boots, for Africa, Asia and South America you will need an insect repellent, and the journey to the north of Europe are impossible without an umbrella and a raincoat. Each destination has its own characteristics, which have to be observed.

Follow the best offers

A solo journey is always more expensive than travelling with a company. Why? – The matter is that you will have to pay for everything extra money. For example, living in a single room costs much higher, than the same in a double room. But if you want to spend the night comfortably and not overpay, sometimes it would be necessary to wait. As a rule, the experienced tour operators offer good discounts right before the date of departure. Another important point is that the cost of the dwelling usually depends on its location. Everything is more expensive in the town center.

Of course, you are going to save as much as possible, we recommend you to stay in hostels or to find a roommate.

Think about your leisure activity

How to Travel Alone: Expert Tips for Planning a Solo Trip

Many contemporary people, who are going to a foreign destination or another part of their native country, plan long walks in the city center, hiking through museums, shopping, gatherings in a café during the daytime, however, only a few of them think about what they will do in the evening.

You see, sitting alone in a restaurant seems to be boring. Movies? – Well, it sounds better, but you can go to the cinema at home. And, of course, it is quite silly to go round the city aimlessly again and again, especially when the weather is not comfortable for long walks outside. What about doing something pleasant? – In accordance with the specialists’ points of view, being at home, we are always lack of time for reading a book, learning some new phrases in a foreign language, to watch a recommended film or even to call to some people.  Perhaps now it is a high time for all these things. Try and you will surely like the process.

Traditions, customs and rules

Solo travelers should keep in touch with the natives or locals. The only exception is for the exotic countries with difficult interpersonal communication features. Local residents can help you to understand the domestic intricacies of their country, existing customs as well as to learn the most typical conversational phrases. They can take some memorable pictures of you, if you don’t have any gadget to do it by yourself. And communication with the local population will make it possible to compile a much more accurate picture of the nature of the nation and culture. It is interesting!

However, contrary to the previous paragraph, we encourage solitary travelers to remain careful. It’s completely useless to talk to a two-meter-long brute with an animal grin, especially if you met him at night in a not-so-safe area. Avoid audiences compelling to choose a “purse or life?”.

Mind the safety

As a rule, this paragraph especially concerns the solo travelers.  And this is quite understandable that when you are alone in a foreign country or a strange place and there are no people, who are always ready to help you. Therefore, an additional care as well as some attention will be rather helpful. Although in another place, like at home, only common sense will save you. Do not wear bright decorations, do not tell strangers the address of your hotel, know in advance the coordinates of the embassy or consulate of your country and do not do what may badly end.

Do not trust every person on your route

How to Travel Alone: Expert Tips for Planning a Solo Trip

Independent travelers, especially women, are easy victims for various kinds of scammers. And although we are taught from childhood that it is not good to lie, sometimes it can save your life. Girls, going abroad alone, should get a fake wedding ring, several photos in the phone (you can ask a friend or a brother), and also come up with a legend about a boyfriend who could not get out of work. As for men, they should also come up with an imaginary friend who is waiting for him at the hotel.

Trust at least someone

The fear of losing property, health or even life makes some travelers generally avoid other people. But at the same time the trip is so beautiful for getting acquainted with the locals and learning about their culture, customs, interesting places that are not in the guidebooks. You can also practice a foreign language at last. Do not miss this opportunity and make new friends!

Sometimes people choose staying in a hostel or renting a room at locals, because they want to make new friends. Well, the idea sounds perfectly well, however, you should be rather careful at the same time. Surfing the net, you can find out a great amount of helpful internet resources, containing the feedbacks, pieces of advice and recommendations of the former tourists. Check them attentively and you will understand much.

There are many reasons for going on an independent journey. It may be something like the mismatch of vacation schedules with your partner, friends or relatives and up to the philanthropy test. In any case solo travel is a new experience and an extremely rewarding experiment, which is a little worrying, but, without a doubt, an exciting adventure.

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