5 Lesser-Known European Cities That You May Like


Paris, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Rome – even those people who never visited them know much about these cities. Millions of tourists come there from all over the world and take photos against the background of the same attractions. But there are other, not so popular cities, which have preserved the true culture and traditions of good old Europe.


5 Lesser-Known European Cities That You May Like

Serenity… It is the best word to describe Bordeaux. This south-west corner of France is unknown to many tourists. The inhabitants of this city live a quiet and slow paced life. Tasty food, sweet drinks, and good sleep are the main values of this fabulous place. There are no world famous attractions in Bordeaux. But there is something that many tourist cities lack – a peaceful and leisurely way of life, thanks to which you can truly relax.

5 Lesser-Known European Cities That You May Like

5 Lesser-Known European Cities That You May Like

5 Lesser-Known European Cities That You May Like

What Bordeaux is really famous for is its wine traditions. And if you go on an excursion, you will be able to find out how this region has become the center of French winemaking.

Bordeaux is a piece of real authentic France with vineyards and truffles, the most delicious wines and extravagant gardens. Besides, its mysterious cobbled streets and Gothic towers will immerse you into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages in the midst of the 21st century.

Hotel accommodation: from € 30 to € 140 per night.


5 Lesser-Known European Cities That You May Like

When it comes to the Netherlands, most people remember only Amsterdam with its gingerbread houses and mills. Rotterdam is something completely different. It is the city of the future. It is 30 years ahead of its time. Looking at its diversity of all sorts of architectural masterpieces, one can imagine what Europe will look like in a few decades.

5 Lesser-Known European Cities That You May Like

5 Lesser-Known European Cities That You May Like

5 Lesser-Known European Cities That You May Like

Kilometers of futuristic buildings are confusing – it seems that you are on another planet. You have a strong desire to look up and see if there are flying cars overhead. A bridge that looks like a swan, a pencil-shaped house, a 185-meter-high tower in the form of a ship mast – you will hardly find so many unusual and amazing buildings throughout the whole Europe.

If you want to learn more about how an unremarkable village has become a real futuristic miracle, you should go on an excursion focusing on the architecture of Rotterdam.

Hotel accommodation: from € 18 to € 125 per night.


Bilbao is the largest city of the Basque Country. Haven’t you heard of it? This is not surprising, because it does not exist on the world map. The Basque Country is an autonomous community in northern Spain. In fact, it is part of Spain, but this land has its own language, its own cuisine and traditions.

You can start your acquaintance with Bilbao with a sightseeing tour and then explore the city surroundings – the rocky coast, fishing villages and ancient towns.

Bilbao is a city of modern art. It is everywhere: elaborate bridges, weird houses, sculptures. This city is unusual and sometimes incomprehensible. But this makes it even more interesting. Perhaps that is why its main attraction is the Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art.

Hotel accommodation: from € 10 to € 75 per night.


Bologna is a city of contrasts in the northern part of Italy. Its main features are ancient architecture, a millennial history and the oldest university. It seems to be an ordinary Italian city. Well, apart from the fact that its history dates back 2500 years. Besides, thousands of students set the active rhythm of the city’s life: they walk, talk, read books, practice different hobbies and have noisy parties.

And, of course, do not forget about the world famous dishes from Bologna: pasta with Bolognese sauce and tortellini.

Hotel accommodation: from € 18 to € 170 per night.


England is not just London, oatmeal for breakfast and tea at five o’clock in the evening. The large cities of the country have lost some real British charm – they were overwhelmed by the wave of globalization, an influx of tourists and emigrants. Nottingham – that’s where real England is: aristocratic, keeping its old traditions and secrets.

There is no Big Ben or Tower Bridge in Nottingham. It’s just about old good provincial England. By the way, the story goes that it was in Nottingham where the famous noble robber Robin Hood lived. The city has a monument erected in his honor. And Batman fans should definitely visit Wollaton Hall – it was the superhero’s mansion in the new Batman movie.

Hotel accommodation: from € 25 to € 140 per night.

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