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How To Makes Money – How To Make Money & Be Your Own Boss

With the advent of the Internet people are finding many ways telling them “how to make money.” There are numerous ways for making money online, most of them requiring little to no investment but they all necessarily need hard work and a lot of time. Manufacturers and companies conduct surveys to collect data and information from normal consumers like you and I. The feedback helps them to improve their products and services. If you tried this mode of making money but didn’t find it worthwhile for whatever reasons, here are some more options telling you “how to make money.”

Shopping for others and getting paid!

It may sound unbelievable but it is true that you can make money by buying products for manufacturers and companies without spending your money. You world agree getting feedback about its products is essential for any successful business. That’s why many companies to employ ‘secret shoppers’ to know the effectiveness of the ways adopted by them for marketing of their products. The company pays you for visiting their stores or dealers to know the level of services provided, cleanliness maintained and an overall feel of the place. Professionals from marketing are generally preferred and earnings vary from $5-$25/job. You may search the net to find local companies offering such jobs.


Professionals like lawyers often hire services of others for conversion of audio tapes to texts. For example, audio interviews with their clients, including those in jail, and court hearings recorded on tapes need to be converted to texts for legal uses. Hospitals require medical transcriptionist to transform the scrambled notes of doctors to neatly written texts. The Bureau of Labor Statistics points out those with a certificate from a trade school get preferred as   transcriptionists and their average wage is $15.41/ hour

Home businesses:

People gifted with creativity can usefully employ their talent for doing business from home. Some of the popular options are candle and chocolate making. One could offer baked goods and other homemade goodies, writing articles as a freelancer or working as a proofreader/editor. Many people are already making money through affiliate marketing that doesn’t require you to produce your own products and make any personal financial investment. Your other options could include yard maintenance, minor home repairs, providing day care services for kids and the elderly, sports coaching, photography and financial advice etc.  Developing such businesses may take longer, needing permission and licenses from concerned authorities, but you get the freedom of choosing your own convenient hours of working and are solely responsible for the results.

Day Trading

Here is another option for making money that won’t require substantial monitory contribution and allows you to take your decisions independently from wherever you may chose to work. However, it needs astute understanding of finance and the way markets function. Perhaps that is the reason for most day traders to give it up sooner than expected. It helps specializing in particular niches like airlines, agriculture, engineering and pharmaceuticals.

These are but some of the ways telling you “how to make money.” Whichever way you may choose, be prepared to put in hard work, time and remain consistent for being successful.

Invest In Gold – Ways to Invest in Gold

Historically, gold has continued to be a precious metal for civilized world. The metal is of significance to women who like to adorn themselves in golden jewellery. Men, on the other hand consider investing in precious metal as a profitable investment, mainly because it is proven to beat inflation. However, investing in golden jewellery isn’t that profitable as it tends to get worn out and likely to get damaged, especially when studded with stones. Here, we’ll explore some of “The Best Ways to Invest in Gold.”

Holding physical gold: The feeling of holding gold in person is unique. Traditionally, most investments in gold are made this way. One may buy gold in the form of coins or bars of varying weight. You may sell the metal in that form or transform it to jewellery. An important advantage of buying coins is that you can keep buying from time to time to lower your average price of purchase. Another benefit is that you pay almost the market price for buying coins, with negligible extra charge. However, care should be taken to buy 99.9 % pure metal from reliable sources like a bank or government mint. You’ll need a secured place for their storage too. The downside is that banks don’t buy back coins or bars and you are left with no option but to sell it through jewelers who charge a premium.

Stocks of mining industries: Investing in companies undertaking mining operations for producing precious metals like gold is another viable option. However, investors may find it challenging to identify a well managed profit sharing company. Advantage of this form of investing is that as the price of gold goes up, most likely the price of stocks will also go up. But again choosing the right company with the necessarily needed modern mining equipment is not going to be easy. Additionally, mining industry itself is prone to many unforeseen delays and expenses.
Exchange Traded Funds: Among “The Best Ways to Invest in Gold” is via electronic or paper form of gold i.e. ETFs or FOFs. Using this mode of investment is akin to investing in stocks. It offsets the drawbacks of retaining gold in physical form. It eliminates the worries of impurities and safe storage. Plus, you can buy as small a quantity as just half a gram! That also makes it the most liquid form of investment as you can receive your funds within 2/3 days of having given the sell order.

Mutual Funds: The most important benefit of investing in mutual funds is that you are able to seek services of professionals, devoted to studying mining industry and choosing an assortment of mining companies for investing your funds. The composition of mutual funds offered by different companies usually varies, as each takes care to circumvent industry specific risks but some may choose to include relatively new companies which are not yet proven. That makes it imperative for investors to go through the prospectus of the company thoroughly.
Time and again gold has proven to have a negative relationship with equities, meaning when the price of equities goes down, the price of gold goes up and vice-versa. That is why experts suggest to include gold as a part of your portfolio to offset the market volatility. So, choose one of “The Best Ways to Invest in Gold” as explained above

Gold Investment Options – Gold As An Investment

When civilizations started trading of goods across international borders, they realized the benefits of using gold as barter. In due course, with the expansion of organized international trade during the 19th century, countries started holding stocks of gold for making payments for exports and imports. In fact, gold reserves allowed countries to keep a check on trade deficits, meaning if gold stocks of a country started depleting, it would emphasize of exports. The practice continues till date.

An extension of the above idea is used by many who prefer to invest in this precious metal.  Though the prices of gold keep fluctuating at national and international levels, like that of stocks and shares, the fluctuations are not as wild. Another consideration for investors is that the metal can be sold easily, anywhere in the world.

If you are among people who prefer to have possession of physical gold to feel secured, here are some “Gold Investment Options” for you:

Physical Gold: You get quite a few options for buying gold in its physical form. You may buy the metal in the form of coins and bars. The coins are priced as per their gold content and weight. You may buy these from dealers though some of the banks also sell gold coins. When you buy bullion coins, be prepared to pay just a bit extra than the prevailing price of gold. It’s all a matter of personal preferences. Some like to buy collectible gold coins, the value of which is determined by its gold content and antique value. Should collectible coins interest you, you would do well to get educated on that subject.

Stocks: You may consider investing in stock of companies having gold mining operations. You can surely guess a rise in price of gold is most likely to cause a corresponding increase in price of your stocks. Of course, you’ll need to depend on the services of brokers and pay their fees. Since you’ll be investing in stocks of a company, you can always do some research to track history and financial operations of different companies to select the one that most appeals to you.

Mutual funds: Benefits of buying mutual fund are well understood and appreciated by investors. Investment in mutual funds is a favorite of by many and the results have been adding to the popularity of mutual funds. This encouragement from investors has prompted many mutual fund companies to come up with mutual funds for gold. Generally, such funds invest in various stocks and securities which are expected to yield profits with rising prices of gold. You can easily get all the required information about the fund, making it among the favorite “Gold Investment Options” for many.

Exchange Traded Fund: If you like the thrill of online trading, ETF, which is straightway connected to current price of gold, should be your option as it enables you to keep tracking the price of the precious metal, allowing you to buy or sell the same as per your plan.

Now that you are aware of various “Gold Investment Options”, choose one and go ahead. Best of luck!

Risk In Real Estate – Is Real Estate Investment Indeed Risky?

The term realty or real estate means building or land. Since generations man is known to have desired owning a piece of land for personal use and this is valid even today.

Purchasing land is thought to be a worthwhile investment by most and there are many who make a living out of buying and selling land. Basically it involves buying property, making some changes or additions to that and selling it after a while to book profit in the process. But buying land is not easy for an average man, mainly due lack of funds and scarcity of land at preferred places.

Investing money in anticipation of getting returns is always associated with risks. Even when you invest in stocks and shares you are taking some risk. What distinguishes investment in real estate from traditional investments is the amount of money involved. It needs a lot of money and the more the money, the greater is the risk.

Considering the information and data posted on the Internet by some of the renowned financial experts returns from investment in real estate are not very lucrative, yet time and again investments in real estate are proven to yield substantial profits. For investment in real estate to be profitable one need to take steps that reduce risks. Should you be thinking on the lines of making investment in real estate study these features before taking a plunge to reduce associated risks!


Cash and liquidity:

At the outset you need to assess if you can spare cash for buying property. Well, most won’t have enough cash for buying property without borrowing from other sources. Of course, you can get 100% finance from financiers, but calculate the expense of raising that finance. Include interest, service charges and finishing costs in your calculations. You must have personal finance for making down payment to the tune of at least 10-20 percent. It reduces you overall debt and gets you better returns.

Liquidity in this case is not feasible.  So, keep some money reserved for any financial eventuality in the family.


There are many factors that can influence the value of your property, of which location is an important one. Look for a reasonably decent locality populated by working class. Ensure that the area is not prone to natural disasters.

Ready-to move-in- property:

The benefit of investing in such property is not difficult to guess. You may live there for a couple of years and rent it out subsequently.  The risk in renting property depends on the kind of client you select.  However, most states have laws in place to take care of the interest of landlords who rent their property.

Undeveloped land:

Unless you can stay invested for long, it may be a risky venture for you.  You can’t rent it out or sell it profitably.  Location is all the more significant in this case. It may take inordinately long time to develop, meaning once again that you should be prepared to stay invested.

Is real estate investment indeed risky?

Property Investment Market – Tips Real For Estate Investors

The reasons that real estate experts suggest for investing in real estate in the US during 2012 include a substantial drop not only in the interest rates but also in the prices.

Here’s a word of caution for people who believe they can foresee things and expect prices to go down. Well, they may be right but what if interest rates go up and negate the profit that they might be anticipating due reduced prices?

Understand Investment in real estate: Be prepared to stay invested for long in case you decide to invest in real estate. It’s rare that people can multiply their wealth by making short term investments.

Don’t quit your regular job: You need to have dependable job, allowing you to set aside some money for making down payments and getting financefor buying properties.

Buy land that keenly interests you: Buy only those properties you find irresistible: The idea is that you will retain properties you love for longer periods of time.

Avoid prized properties: Pried properties affect your cash flows adversely. Look for reasonably prized properties and they will eventually become prized properties.

Buy property fit for personal residence & having good rental value: It’s a smart idea to buy property, use it for personal residence and then rent it out.  So, look for properties which can fetch good rentals. When you purchase property for personal use, you can get best financial offers to reduce your down payment. Having lived in that property for some time, you’ll know its limitations. Take care of those, and rent it out to invest in another property. This ensures that you’ll invest in properties located only in those areas where you would be prepared to live.

Real estate investments can be risky: There are too many things involved with the business of real estate and things can go dramatically wrong at times. So, you need to be extremely careful and play your cards smartly. Having bought a property, either you take remedial measured to get rid of associated problems or learn to live with those.

Remain alert and keep yourself informed: Stay in touch with other property owners, study books on the subject. All this helps educating you and the more you get educated, the better equipped you are to take appropriate steps that lessen your risks, enabling you to take smart and profitable decisions.

Purchase property in good condition: Don’t go for properties needing massive repairs or reconditioning that adds to your expense.  Look for properties that can readily be rented out. It’s great if you can get property for which a tenant is already available.

Have conservative expectations: It is always helpful to overestimate the expense involved for renovating a property and underestimate the rent you will get.

Avoid areas with low occupancy or waning cities: Purchase property in decent moderate areas inhabited by working class having low rate of foreclosures and no too many unoccupied properties. Don’t buy in cities or areas on the decline.

Start at an early age after you have settled in some city: it’s good to start investing early in life, but see that you are fairly settled in life before taking this massive responsibility. Do enjoy life when you are young but simultaneously start saving for making your first down payment.

Taxes, death, plus… These are the two sure things in life. Yet, there’s another sure thing for real estate investors.  On being an investor in real estate, you’ll experience pain on the way. Things won’t be smooth all the time, but you’ll learn to cope with them and ultimately you’ll most likely be proud and love having undertaken that journey on retiring early.

Stay invested: Be prepared to stay invested for long term for making handsome profits. The longer your investment, the more are your chances of enhanced earnings.

Stocks And Bonds – Disadvantages Of Issuing Stocks And Bonds

A company is capable to earn money by issuing bonds or the shares of stock. When we talk about the shares of stock, we come to know that they are the essential part of the company and these shares provide a right to the holders to share the profits of the company. In some specific cases, the right of vote casting related to the company’s direction is also granted to the shareholders. On the other hand, there are bonds. Bonds are actually the part of loans that a company agrees to pay back over some period of time. Issuance of stocks and bonds has a lot advantages but at the same time it has some disadvantages too. These disadvantages are as follows.

1.       Loss of power:

It is a matter of fact that when a company issues its bonds and stocks, it provides fractional control to the outsider parties. Stockholders own the stock of the company so this possession allows them to vote on some specific issues and they have a strong voice in each and every discussion regarding the working of that company too. Before the distribution of stocks, the control resides in a few hands whereas after the issuance of bonds and stocks, it gets distributed among a lot of people.

2.       Disclosure of Assets:

It has been witnesses in many countries including U.S. that the companies have to follow some rules regarding the disclosure of certain financial information before issuing their stocks and bonds to other people. The companies that issue their stocks must present quarterly reports regarding the financial health of the business. And the companies that issue bond must render the complete information regarding the purpose of issuing the bond.

3.       Potential of takeover:

The companies may have to face the situation of takeover in case of issuing more stock. If a shareholder is capable enough to buy the bulk of voting shares, he efficiently handles the company. Sometimes the shareholders lost their business in an attempt to secure the future of the company.

4.       Loss of value:

When a company offers its bonds and shares to the public, it welcomes the people for the open evaluation of value. If it happens that a sudden decrease in the price of the shares of a company occurs, it represents the lack of the confidence of the investors. So the loss of value occurs. If a company does not issue bonds and stocks, its secrets remain with it and the public remain unaware about them.

5.       Responsibility comes to Stakeholders:

It is a matter of fact that the stockholders and the bondholders have a great stake in the success of a company. There was a time when a company was responsible for its employees, its customers and to its owners only but now the trend is changed. Now it is responsible to satisfy the various demands of its bondholders and the shareholders. This thing can change the basic focus of the company that is planning for the future and diverts its attention toward the satisfaction of the bond holders.